CarnoSyn® Athlete

“Taking SR CarnoSyn® has supercharged my performance on the course and in the gym. I see my ball fly longer and my club speed has increased from 112 to 120 MPH. It’s amazing! I feel so good after any competition or training session. SR CarnoSyn® has increased my power, focus, and muscle recovery speed. It’s simple. I swing faster, hit farther. Thank you, SR CarnoSyn®.”

1st ASG Omnium Swiss, Montreux, Swiss PGA
57th Swiss Challenge, Sempach, Challenge Tour
3rd Red Sea Egyptian Classic, Egypt, Pro Golf Tour

74th Omega European Master, Crans, European Tour (Best Swiss Player)
48th Swiss Challenge, Sempach, Challenge Tour
50th Prague Golf Challenge, Prague, Challenge Tour
65th Italian Challenge Open, Italy, Challenge Tour
8th Open Madaef, Morocco, EPD Tour
7th Open Tazegout, Morocco, EPD Tour
2nd Omnium Suisse, Ascona
2nd BMW Matchplay Championship, Swiss PGA

2nd Ypsilon Cup 2016, Czech Republic, EPD Tour
3rd Open La Pinetina, Italy, Alps Tour
2nd Memorial Olivier Barras, Crans
5th Kosaido Open, Germany, EPD Tour
3rd BMW Matchplay Championship, Swiss PGA

Swiss National Order Of Merit 
2017: 3rd
2016: 2nd
2015: 8th

Special Performances:
2007, hole 16th, Golf Club Lanzo, 137m, 8 iron

Low Scores:
64, Ypsilon Golf Club, 2016
63, Golf Club La Pinetina, 2014

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