CarnoSyn® Showcases New Booth at the 12th Annual ISSN Conference

June 11 - 13, 2015 AUSTIN, TX

The International Society of Sports Nutrition® (ISSN) hosted the “biggest and best sports supplement science show” at their 12th Annual Conference at the Austin Hilton. The CarnoSyn® team was there to educate trainers, students, dietitians, and the medical community on the alpha of the betas – CarnoSyn® beta-alanine.

Dr. Roger Harris was on hand as a guest speaker to present, “What’s New with Carnosine?” The presentation provided insight into beta-alanine research in recent years, including preliminary findings from the latest study involving twenty-four weeks of beta-alanine supplementation at a 6.4 gram dose. This study is still ongoing, with the final results to be published by early 2016.

Dr. Jay Hoffman presented “The Effects of Beta-Alanine Supplementation on Elite Military Personnel,” which provided an impressive look into how beta-alanine is helping improve focus and performance in special forces military.

The patented, scientifically proven uses of CarnoSyn® beta-alanine as a dietary supplement continue to reshape the futures of athletes of all levels and abilities around the globe.

CarnoSyn beta-alanine at ISSN 2015

The new CarnoSyn® booth is unveiled at ISSN 2015!

Dr. Roger Harris at ISSN 2015

ISSN 2015 - Dr. Roger Harris presents, "What's New With Carnosine?"

CarnoSyn beta-alanine at ISSN 2015

The ISSN is an excellent opportunity to learn and network.