SupplySide West – A Grand Industry Forum to Showcase CarnoSyn® and Preview SR CarnoSyn®

October 5 - 9, 2015 LAS VEGAS, NV

The 19th annual SupplySide West saw a record-breaking turnout. CarnoSyn® was one of 1,200 exhibitors and 2,000 booths participating in this year’s show. We were hard to miss, with the 20 foot long double-sided CarnoSyn® banner hanging in the walkway to the convention center and the 40 CarnoSyn® floor stickers, leading from the entrance of the show floor directly to our booth. Why all the hype? SupplySide was the perfect venue to preview SR CarnoSyn® - a new sustained release beta-alanine powder. 

The industry was eager to learn more about SR CarnoSyn®, NAI’s new delivery form of CarnoSyn®, which provides the benefits of beta-alanine to a much broader group of consumers with active lifestyles, delivers extended absorption and maximum retention, simplifies daily dosing, delivers higher doses more comfortably and provides formulation flexibility for brand owners. NAI’s CEO and Chairman of the Board, Mark LeDoux, and NAI’s President, Ken Wolf, participated in a number of media interviews conducted at the CarnoSyn® booth. Enlightening and informative articles will be showcased in top industry publications over the coming months.

Mark LeDoux joined the leading voices in the dietary supplement space to tackle the state of dietary supplements in the U.S., participating in a featured presentation – Facing the Future of Dietary Supplements in the United States. Mark, along with a panel of industry influencers, discussed safety, regulatory, and consumer confidence issues for the supplement industry.

Didn’t attend SupplySide? Would you like to know more about adding SR CarnoSyn® or CarnoSyn® to your formula? Please contact us to learn more about the latest in muscle science technology.