Team CarnoSyn® Conquers Olympia During Inaugural Showing

September 17 - 20, 2015 LAS VEGAS, NV

We came, we surveyed, and we conquered! The 2015 Mr. Olympia Expo exceeded our expectations in every way. Not only was our booth in a prime location, the CarnoSyn® team had the great pleasure of meeting and mingling with our brand owners and thousands of consumers, who were more than happy to take our 10-question online survey as part of CarnoSyn®’s on-going market research efforts. The end result? Over 2,000 completed consumer surveys. The reward? Cool CarnoSyn® swag – a branded, bright yellow drawstring gym bag and an equally appealing microfiber gym towel.

Team CarnoSyn® would like to congratulate José Daza, who completed a survey while visiting our Olympia booth and was randomly selected to win an Apple iPad Mini. Now that’s some cool CarnoSyn® swag! 

The CarnoSyn® team was energized – yes, we take CarnoSyn® - and quickly realized that the positive energy emanating from the Olympia crowds was contagious. These fitness enthusiasts were hungry to learn more about how to improve their workouts and build a better muscle. The CarnoSyn® team was happy to oblige and impart our knowledge of how CarnoSyn® beta-alanine works in the body and explain how the ingredient is backed by 24 global patents and over 55 scientific studies.

Olympia 2016 can’t come soon enough! In the meantime, check out CarnoSyn®’s ad in the October issue of FLEX, now on sale, and our web banners on display through the rest of September on www.flexonline.com.

CarnoSyn® would like to thank Mr. Olympia and our loyal brand owners and consumers. We look forward to working with you for a bigger and brighter future in CarnoSyn® products!

Standing room only in front of the CarnoSyn® booth at the 2015 Olympia.

Standing room only in front of the CarnoSyn® booth at the 2015 Olympia.

Team CarnoSyn® - Energized and ready to roll at Olympia.

Team CarnoSyn® - Energized and ready to roll!

Cool CarnoSyn® Swag = Crowd Pleaser

Cool CarnoSyn® Swag = Crowd Pleaser