Team CarnoSyn®

“Without CarnoSyn, I would not be able to hit the numbers that I hit, especially with the bench press – going from 19 to 26 reps in 28 days.”

246 lbs.
Defensive End
University of Toledo
NFL Team:
Pittsburgh Steelers

Tuzar Skipper is no stranger to hard work. After receiving a scholarship to University of Toledo, Skipper earned his bachelor’s degree in just three years, and began work on his master’s immediately. His hard-nosed approach carries over to the field, where he employs what he calls the “dog mentality.”

“The dog mentality is basically never letting someone outwork you,” Skipper said. “You are always outworking the next man in front of you, even your teammates. It’s the first one in the weight room and the last one out. First one on the field, last one-off type of thing.”

Skipper came into the 2017 season as the starting defensive end, but only played in three games before an injury ended his season. But he came roaring back for the 2018 season with 52 tackles and 8.5 sacks. He looks to continue to improve his physicality during his training for the upcoming NFL Draft, where he hopes to hear his name called and his dreams realized.

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