CarnoSyn beta-alanine Renee Michaelson

Behind The Brand: Renee Michaelson, CarnoSyn® Brands Marketing Manager

Even-tempered, highly intelligent, cheerful, loyal​—​with shiny golden locks​—​not only describes Renee Michaelson’s 8-year-old Golden Retriever, Nova, but in fact, it describes her as well. When Renee isn’t leading CarnoSyn®’s marketing team (with unmatched attention to detail and strategic vision), or stunning us with the 13 marathons under her belt, she’s spreading Golden-Retriever-like-joy to the CarnoSyn® Team.

Your relationship with NAI goes back more than 10 years—how did it all begin and how did you wind up being the Marketing Manager for CarnoSyn® Brands?

Wow, where do I begin? Believe it, or not, I actually responded to a print classified ad in the San Diego Union Tribune back in 2001. That was the first chapter of my career at NAI, when I managed the operations and logistics (call center & fulfillment) and marketing for a direct-to-consumer physician brand. Fast forward a couple of title changes and about seven years, I ended up moving on and starting my own marketing consultancy. My path with NAI crossed again when they became a client of mine and I found myself working on the same DTC brand, ultimately ramping it down when the physician retired. Very shortly after that, NAI decided to bring the CarnoSyn® brand
in-house and the amazing opportunity arose for a marketing manager.

Dead or alive—top three dream dinner guests and why? (Also what are you eating at said dinner?)

The dinner is the easy part of this question—surf and turf—lobster tails and Kobe filets, accompanied by bacon-wrapped asparagus, twice-baked stuffed potatoes, and Caesar salad. Don’t forget the La Crema pinot noir! If there is room for dessert, we’d have crème brulee with fresh berries. Now for the dinner guests:
Freddie Mercury – My father was all about classic rock and introduced me to Queen at a very young age. I was a fan long before Wayne’s World and the Bohemian Rhapsody movie. I remember watching Queen during Live Aid on TV and was just mesmerized by Freddie’s voice and stage presence.
Oprah Winfrey – Easily one of the most intelligent and wittiest women alive. She is captivating and has more energy than people half her age. Don’t get me started on how brilliant she is!
Tom Hanks – My all-time favorite male actor, who also starred in my favorite movie, “Forrest Gump.” I’m looking forward to seeing him in the new Mr. Rogers movie. He’s a versatile actor, who’s come a long way since “Bosom Buddies” (early 80’s sitcom for those that don’t know).

You’ve traveled a lot in your career—and personal life—where your favorite place you’ve visited?

I would have to say Australia, hands down. My husband and I spent three weeks there for our honeymoon and had a hard time leaving. We explored Bondi Beach and scaled the Sydney Harbour Bridge, then traveled to Darwin and spent a week in an RV exploring the outback—meeting a komodo dragon, dozens of kangaroos and wallabies and a few hundred fruit bats along the way. We ended up in Port Douglas near Cairns, where we dove the Great Barrier Reef. It was an adventure to remember and we can’t wait to make it back one day.

What’s your favorite workout right now?

My morning routine is the elliptical for 45 minutes, followed by a brisk 20-minute walk with my sweet Golden, Nova. At some point in the New Year, I’ll work in weight resistance training and maybe a new gym membership once the “New Year, New You” crowds die down.

What’s something about you that might surprise people?

That’s tricky. I guess I’d have to say my marathon accomplishments. I’ve run 13 full marathons, including NYC (my first), Chicago (best Boston qualifier), Boston, Atlanta, LA, Catalina (the toughest) and San Diego. I’ve also completed countless half-marathons, 5Ks and 10Ks. I truly enjoy trail running and got some great runs in when I was in Tucson recently for a conference. Trail running is exercise for the body and mind, as you’re constantly thinking about strategic foot placement – how to avoid trail obstacles—and when to look away from the trail to look up and enjoy the view.

How do you incorporate CarnoSyn® into your day-to-day routine?

Beta-Alanine has really become a part of my life. My husband has supplemented for years with 6.4g of SR CarnoSyn® to give his training a boost and speed his recovery. I supplement with the SR CarnoSyn® wellness dose of 2.4g per day. The science behind the brand is powerful, and I’m so proud to be a part of the team.

What are you looking forward to for CarnoSyn® Brands?

This year was filled with accomplishments for the brand. The NPA honored CarnoSyn® with the 2019 Novel Ingredient and Science Award. NutraIngredients-USA awarded CarnoSyn® the 2019 Sports Nutrition Ingredient of the Year. CarnoSyn® received New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) Status from the FDA. One of our Team CarnoSyn® sponsored athletes was selected as an NFL first-round draft pick by the Green Bay Packers. With such a productive year to build from in 2019, I am confident that the future holds many more years of scientific accolades, athletic achievements, and overall success and “Golden-like” happiness.