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Beta-Alanine – Formats & Delivery Systems

By now, most professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts are familiar with beta-alanine and are reaping the many benefits of this amino acid: increased muscular strength and endurance, delayed fatigue, and rapid recovery time. Whether you’ve been supplementing with beta-alanine for a while or are just getting started, it’s a good idea to remain informed about its various delivery systems to ensure you’re getting the format that works best for you.

CarnoSyn® Beta-Alanine — Versatile, Stable, Soluble

Like many sports nutrition supplements, CarnoSyn® beta-alanine is available in many shapes, sizes, and delivery methods. (The industry has come a long way from the hard-to-swallow pills of the past!) CarnoSyn® beta-alanine also has high heat stability and solubility as well as a long shelf life — making it suitable for several sports nutrition formulations. Its formats include powders, tablets, and capsules, to name a few.

However, fitness goals and personal preferences vary widely, so it’s helpful to consider the characteristics of each delivery system of CarnoSyn® beta-alanine when making a decision. Continue reading for an overview of these formats, which is designed to help you determine which supplementation approach is best-suited for your lifestyle.

powder, liquid, tablet forms of beta alanine

Powder Supplements

CarnoSyn® beta-alanine is commonly found in powder form, usually as a pre-or post-workout supplement. Its particle size distribution is appropriate for most powder formulations, and this format is easily dissolved in water (and other liquids). For those who don’t enjoy or have the ability to swallow pills, powder may be the way to go.

Additionally, powders are known for their fast and easy absorption. These are typically mixed with a glass of water, juice, or can be blended into a smoothie. But get creative! Some powder supplements can be used in baked goods and even as a garnish on prepared foods.

Chewable Gummies

For others, the appeal of gummies outweighs other formats because these look and taste so much like gummy candies. CarnoSyn® beta-alanine gummies are often easier to ingest than traditional capsules.

However, those on a low-carb or vegan diet will want to look closely at the ingredients list, as these often contain artificial sweeteners and gelatin (an animal product).

Liquid Supplements/Beverages

Individuals who have difficulty swallowing pills may also prefer to supplement with beta-alanine in liquid format. Consuming supplements as ready-to-drink liquids (RTDs) allows them to be more easily digested and absorbed, because nutrients enter the bloodstream more quickly. Additionally, these tend to be a more convenient option for individuals on-the-go. Liquid doses can also be easily adjusted, depending on the intensity and duration of an upcoming (or previous) workout.

Chewable Tablets

Chewable beta-alanine supplements formulated with CarnoSyn® beta-alanine are yet another option for individuals who struggle to swallow pills. Like chewable gummies, added flavors may make chewable tablets more palatable. This format also typically contains artificial sweeteners, so those practicing a low-carb diet will want to examine the list of ingredients on the product they’re considering.


For individuals without an aversion to oral pills, the traditional approach to CarnoSyn® beta-alanine supplementation — swallowing capsules or tablets — may still be the best option. Capsules are filled with powder or liquid containing a supplement ingredient, and tablets are made by compressing the granules of the active ingredient — in this case, beta-alanine. The latter allows for a slightly higher concentration (and dose) in a single pill.

It’s important to note that supplements in capsule form are often made with gelatin casing, an animal ingredient which may help protect against spoilage, but may have a mild taste some find off-putting. (Vegans will also want to take this into consideration when selecting a supplement. Options with plant-based casing may be available, so it’s best to look closely at the product’s ingredients list.)

CarnoSyn® Beta-Alanine— Proven Safe and Effective

However you choose to supplement with CarnoSyn® beta-alanine — powder, gummies, liquids, tablets, or capsules — you can be sure you’re buying a safe, high-quality product from a trusted source. Only CarnoSyn® beta-alanine is globally patented, approved by the FDA, and backed by over 55 scientific studies.

“We choose to formulate with CarnoSyn beta-alanine because it’s the safest, highest quality, most effective product on the market,” says Bryan Morin, Sports Brand Manager for NOW® Sports. “Working with sports dietitians, brand ambassadors, influencers, and athletes, we have constantly found that they all know and trust CarnoSyn beta-alanine… CarnoSyn is really top of the game when it comes to sports nutrition.”

To find a beta-alanine source that is CarnoSyn®-verified and purchase CarnoSyn® products directly, view a comprehensive list of our brand partners here.



CarnoSyn® beta-alanine is available in two different forms—instant release and sustained release—offering two ways to dose. SR CarnoSyn® offers the same benefits as instant release CarnoSyn®, but in an advanced delivery system that allows for increased dosing for better results. When used in tandem, the combination of instant release and sustained release gives athletes the ability to stack their dosing for higher quantities of beta-alanine and even more performance gains.

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