Chelsea Dersarkissian

Behind The Brand: Chelsea Dersarkissian, CarnoSyn® Operations Manager

With a wit that could rival Oscar Wilde—or Lorelai Gilmore (for the Gilmore Girls fans in the back)—Chelsea Dersarkissian manages to keep the CarnoSyn® machine running seamlessly, all while outwitting everyone in the room. Keep reading to get to know CarnoSyn®’s Operations Manager. (And her puppy.)

Let’s start off with the hard-hitting stuff—tell us about the dog?

Oh you mean my soulmate? That’s Casper! She’s my one (almost two—HOW?) year old Maltese. Best known for her supporting roles in my Instagram stories, she loves biscuits, belly rubs & howling—yes howling.

You’ve been on the CarnoSyn® team for more than three years now—and just recently moved into the Operations Manager role. What do you like most about working for CarnoSyn®

I love that we’re a small but mighty and versatile team. Each member of the CarnoSyn® Beta-Alanine team balances a multitude of different hats and I think that really helped propel me to the level that I’m at right now, from where I started. I’ve had a lot of opportunities to grow on this team and have learned a lot about the industry, our customers, and the different facets of the business.

Guilty pleasure t.v. show—go!

Sons of Anarchy. I’ve probably seen the show in its entirety about seven times—it’s excellent. Probably not seven times excellent, but definitely worth an attentive first watch.

Old Kanye or new Kanye?

Come on! Old Kanye—pre Yeezus.

What’s your favorite workout right now?

As a full-time dog mom, I think that chasing Casper around should count, but I suspect that it does not—so I’d say at home bodyweight workouts are my favorite. I surf through YouTube and constantly find new workouts to try from the comfort of home! There are so many talented trainers out there producing free content—and it’s so convenient for my schedule!

What’s something about you that might surprise people?

If Eminem ever got strep throat on tour—I could easily fill in for him. Seriously Marshall…call me!

How do you incorporate CarnoSyn® into your day-to-day routine?

Lucky for me, I have an in with our Director of Scientific Affairs so I have unrestricted access to the good stuff! I take 2.4- 3.2 grams of our SR CarnoSyn® every day—usually with 1.2g with my coffee in the morning & another 1.2g at lunchtime.