Evaluating the Best Beta-Alanine Supplement

Anyone with a dedicated fitness plan knows the quality of your performance depends on the quality of your fuel. Just think: if you consistently nourished your body with only processed or fast foods — without eating any fruits, vegetables, or high-quality protein — your workou...

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Evaluating the Best Beta-Alanine Supplement

Anyone with a dedicated fitness plan knows the quality of your performance depends on the quality of your fuel. Just think: if you consistently nourished your body with only processed or fast foods — without eating any fruits, vegetables, or high-quality protein — your workouts and your overall health would likely suffer. The same principle […]...

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achieve your exercise goals this spring
How to Achieve Your Exercise and Nutrition Goals This Spring

With summer right around the corner, you may find yourself reevaluating your exercise and nutrition goals. Perhaps you are asking yourself questions like: Are my goals for 2022 realistic? What goals would I like to change? Does my vision for my health need to be refocused? Prioritizing your health can be a tremendous challenge in […]...

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why do i itch when i exercise?
Why Do I Itch When I Exercise?

Picture it: after a cold-weather hiatus from running, you’ve decided to ramp up your cardio. But after only a mile, you start experiencing a strange sensation: a persistent and annoying itching in your legs. Or, perhaps you just finished drinking a new pre-workout supplement and after only a few minutes in the gym, you feel […]...

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beta-alanine for bodybuilders
Beta-Alanine for Bodybuilders

Successful bodybuilders know that achieving their fitness goals requires more than just a rigorous workout plan. They understand the connection between sports nutrition and their overall performance — and realize that having the right meal plan and supplement regimen is key to building strength and muscle. Specifically, when it comes to supplementation, be...

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5 tips for your exercise routine
Top 5 Expert Tips to Get Your Exercise Routine Back into Shape

The past couple of years have been challenging–mentally, physically, and emotionally. The pandemic has taken its toll on our routines and work/life balance. Many people have found that regular exercise has made all the difference in preserving their health and well-being during these unprecedented times. Yet, others have struggled to maintain fitness goals...

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top 5 exercises to improve mental health
How Exercise Can Improve Mental Health

During the winter months there are unique challenges to mental health. Depending on the climate, many spend more time indoors and less time enjoying the benefits of fresh air and sunshine. Those who struggle with mental health are not alone. The good news? One simple change to your routine can help. Regular exercise can improve […]...

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New Year, New Olympic Opportunities

Written by: Nicole Stout I am a world-class judo player. Over the past almost ten years, I have won several international medals, become the reigning US national champion, and I am now an Olympic hopeful for the upcoming 2024 Olympics. In early 2021, I decided to make a couple videos showcasing my daily and weekly […]...

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habits and supplements that boost immune health
Healthiest Habits to Boost Your Immune System

The immune system is the body’s frontline in the battle against infection, illness, and disease. Some people naturally have strong immunity, while others are prone to getting sick. Whether or not you were born with a robust immune system, both your environment and lifestyle have an impact on your immune health. There are a variety […]...

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beta-alanine supplements
Beta-Alanine Supplements: Benefits, Sourcing, and Dosing

If you’re like many people, your fitness regimen — and your outlook on health and wellness — looks different today than it did pre-pandemic. After all, the fitness world experienced a major transformation in 2020, with more people participating in virtual workouts, downloading fitness apps, and investing in at-home exercise equipment than ever before. ...

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top food sources for beta-alanine
What Is the Best Food Source for Obtaining Beta-Alanine?

Beta-alanine, like other amino acids, is one of the building blocks of life. (Amino acids are used by the human body to make proteins that aid in growth, repairing tissue, breaking down food, and other bodily functions.) Beta-alanine is also a critical building block of carnosine, which provides powerful antioxidant properties that offer many health [&hellip...

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Top 5 Techniques for Muscle Recovery that Work

Ask ten athletes their secret to muscle recovery, and you’ll likely end up with ten different answers. The options are seemingly endless, from heat to cold, supplements to juices, luxury treatments to home remedies. Training style, culture, access, and even climate can influence an athlete’s preferred methods. In addition to those factors, athletes tend ...

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beta-alanine for cycling and cycists
Pedal Power: Beta-Alanine for Cyclists

“I have always struggled to achieve excellence. One thing that cycling has taught me is that if you can achieve something without a struggle it’s not going to be satisfying.” — Greg LeMond, three-time Tour de France champion and first American to win Le Tour Pro and recreational cyclists alike know both the struggle and […]...

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beta-alanine for runners and distance endurance athletes
Going the Distance: Beta-Alanine for Runners

There are many reasons why people run — to get (and stay) in shape, improve overall health, and relieve stress, among other motivators. And if you’ve engaged in this form of exercise for an extended period of time, you may have felt firsthand the elation associated with runner’s high — a state of euphoria that’s […]...

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5 Ways the Pandemic has Changed Exercise for Good

Let’s face it—the global pandemic has significantly impacted our businesses, relationships, and health. From closed gyms to equipment shortages, Covid has even changed the way we work out. Gyms have enhanced their cleaning protocols and implemented social distancing guidelines, smaller class requirements, and policies on face coverings. Lockdowns are gra...

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Is beta-alanine safe?
Which Beta-Alanine is Safe?

As consumers, we’re becoming more educated than ever about what ingredients are found in our foods, beverages, and supplements. And this is a good thing, because informed consumers are healthier consumers — meaning healthier families and communities. Another benefit: more transparency and accountability from brands. So what about when it comes to supplem...

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What Does Beta-Alanine Do?

Anyone who spends much time on the court, in the gym, or on the field knows the words “better, faster, stronger” are more than just a catch-phrase, they’re a way of life. And for many world-renowned scientists, physical trainers, coaches, and elite athletes, beta-alanine is a supplement that’s proving to be a literal game-changer — […]...

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Written By: Todd Durkin  Who else is battling like hell right now? Anyone else facing tough times? Maybe you’re feeling burnt-out. Or empty. Or your passion has waned. Or your purpose is unclear. Maybe your health is far from where you want it. Or your training routine is “off” or your nutrition is sub-par from […]...

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creatine vs beta-alanine comparison
Beta-Alanine Vs. Creatine — A Comparison

So you’ve heard of creatine, and are likely already taking it to increase strength, gain muscle, and improve your overall exercise performance. But what about beta-alanine, the sometimes lesser-known pre-workout supplement that is said to have similar results? And which of the two should you incorporate into your pre-workout regimen — creatine, beta-alan...

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Taking Esports to the Next Level with Beta-Alanine

Esports has been trending for years, but COVID-19 lockdowns initiated an explosive expansion of both the gamer base and existing gamer hours. According to Verizon Communications, Spring 2020 saw a surge of nearly 90% in peak gaming hours over the prior year.[1] From the occasional gamer to the enthusiast, the Esports community reflects a global revenue [&he...

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what are the side effects of beta-alanine
What Are the Side Effects of Taking Beta-Alanine?

Have you ever experienced the pre-workout tingles when preparing to exercise? (And no, we’re not just referring to the excitement you feel when stepping into the gym or onto the field.) If you have ever taken pre-workout supplements formulated with beta-alanine, you’re likely familiar with the accompanying itch, flush, or tingle, which has been descr...

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