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Champion Mindset: Whatever it Takes (W.I.T.)

2020 has been a year like none other. Interrupted on the field, cut off from the court, and closed out of gyms, athletes are faced with unprecedented obstacles to achieving their goals. Some have taken a step back, but many have re-evaluated their options, leaned into their communities, and found a way to get the job done. For Coach Todd Durkin, the power to pivot, the power to overcome adversity and challenge in these tough times comes from within. It’s the mindset of a champion and champions do whatever it takes. 

In a recent video, Durkin calls champions throughout the world to unite in their commitment to W.I.T.—“Whatever It Takes”. He encourages athletes to face their fears and turn adversity into opportunity. To do this, Durkin firmly believes that extreme personal care is vital. He specifies that doing whatever it takes involves three specific key components: training, a healthy diet, and proper supplementation.  

3 Steps to Doing Whatever it Takes

1: Training. Durkin tells his athletes that training is simply not an option these days. “It’s mandatory to work harder than ever to get your body and mind right,” he says. Now is the time not only for maintaining a commitment to fitness, but finding new ways to exceed goals.

2. Healthy diet. A healthy diet is all about balance and making good food choices. For those working from home and working through new routines, this has become a common pitfall. It’s essential, however, to avoid sugar, increase protein intake, and choose healthy carbs and good fats.

3. Proper supplementation. In order to take nutrition to the next level, proper supplementation is key. CarnoSyn® beta-alanine provides guaranteed results for improved strength, endurance, power, speed, and performance. Durkin recommends that his athletes look for the CarnoSyn® logo on their pre-workouts for the cleanest and safest beta-alanine.

Solidarity in W.I.T. Around the Globe

In spite of social distancing, athletes around the globe find solidarity in W.I.T. It’s become a rally cry for a total mindset shift. Trainers and coaches are inspiring people to greatness. Champions are united in their commitment to do whatever it takes.

For Jimmy Mackey, Founder of MacFit360 in Nassau, Bahamas, doing whatever it takes means getting up at four o’clock in the morning. He sees his W.I.T. in his advanced group of athletes at his 5:00 a.m. bootcamp. Ryan Morse, Owner and Coach at Crucible Performance in Frederick, Maryland is all about shifting perspective in the face of adversity by “cherishing the challenge”. Bobby Kelly, Owner and Director of Results Only Fitness in Phoenix, Arizona, moved his entire operation outside this summer. Even on 116 degree days, his athletes are still killing it because that’s whatever it takes. For Rachele J., owner of VFit Studio in Mammoth Lakes, California, doing whatever it takes meant it was time to adopt the mantra, “Look for opportunities—not excuses.” And in the words of Joe Ardagna, Co-owner/Co-founder of Slash Fitness in Delray, FL “There’s never been a better time than right now.”

View the full video and get inspired to do whatever it takes:



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