Why Beta-Alanine is the Ideal Supplement for Endurance Athletes

How Exercise Can Improve Mental Health

During the winter months there are unique challenges to mental health. Depending on the climate, many spend more time indoors and less time enjoying the benefits of fresh air and sunshine. Those who struggle with mental health are not alone. The good news? One simple change to your routine can help. Regular exercise can improve mental health.

Does Your Mental Health Need a Boost?

Identifying a mental health struggle is not always straightforward. Challenges that arise after a life-altering event may trigger something that’s easily detected. However, it’s often more subtle than that. Some have described mental health concerns as simply “feeling off” or not quite themselves. Does your mental health need a boost? Here are five signs and symptoms to look out for:

  1. Exhaustion. Changes in appetite and sleep can deplete energy levels and be a warning sign for depression.
  2. Mood swings. Unexplainable or significant changes in emotions can point to mood instability.
  3. Confusion or nervousness. A heightened sense of fear or the inability to think clearly is a common red flag.
  4. Loss of connection. Withdrawal is a classic sign of mental health concerns, whether a general sense of disconnect or an aversion to previously enjoyed activities.
  5. Sensory overload. Inability to cope with the everyday sounds, smells, and sights in the environment.

Top Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

The body releases hormones called endorphins during a workout. Endorphins provide instant, restorative benefits. For those without a current exercise regimen, starting with two workouts a week is enough to make a difference. A gradual increase in both the frequency and intensity of the workouts will maximize mental health benefits. For example, researchers at Harvard University have found that when people increase their physical activity to just 35 minutes a day, it reduces the risk of depression—even in those who have a genetic predisposition to the condition.

Top 5 Mental Health Benefits of Exercise:

  1. Enhances focus. Exercise improves cognitive function by stimulating the growth of new brain cells.
  2. Boosts mood and eases anxiety. The release of endorphins combats pain and stress.
  3. Improves memory. One of the ways that exercise enhances cognitive functioning is by improving memory and recall.
  4. Promotes restful sleep. Exercise can lead to a healthy form of fatigue that leaves the body craving sleep.
  5. Increases motivation. Endorphins send positive signals to the body that can increase motivation levels.

Support Your Workout with Supplementation

Products designed to increase performance, build muscle, and enhance mental focus can positively affect mental health. Supplementing with beta-alanine, for example, boosts carnosine levels which can improve overall wellness, including brain health, muscle function, and systemic protection. Carnosine contains powerful antioxidant properties and strong anti-glycation properties, which reduce fatigue and support cognitive function and mental acuity. This helps decrease occasional anxiety, support memory, delay mental fatigue, speed up executive function, and increase focus.*

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