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Natural Alternatives International’s CarnoSyn® Beta-alanine Fuels Evertrain Sports Supplements

CARLSBAD, Calif., January 11, 2018 – Natural Alternatives International, Inc. (“NAI”) (Nasdaq: NAII), a leading formulator, manufacturer and marketer of customized nutritional supplements, is proud to announce that Evertrain, a new sports supplement brand, recently launched a superior line of supplements, providing the scientifically-proven, performance boosting daily dose of up to 6.4g CarnoSyn® beta-alanine.

“NAI is pleased to see a significant increase in the number of sports nutrition brands, like Evertrain, who are providing the efficacious dose of CarnoSyn® beta-alanine,” said Ken Wolf, NAI’s President. “These brands realize the importance of effective dosing – a minimum of 3.2 grams a day – and for a certain time, 28 days. Our studies have shown that when you build up that amount of CarnoSyn® within your system, about 90 grams, is when you really start to see the performance benefits – building more muscle faster, by extending endurance, expediting recovery, and enhancing mental focus.”

The premium product offerings fueled by CarnoSyn® include Evertrain Pre, designed to optimize training by delivering sustained energy, superior focus, and increased endurance, and Evertrain Post, formulated to reduce recovery time between training sessions by enhancing muscle repair and decreasing inflammation.

The full product line also includes Evertrain Protein + Health, a 100% hormone-free, grass-fed whey protein with additional ingredients designed to improve the immune system, aid in digestion, increase energy, and reduce inflammation. Plus, Evertrain Base, an advanced daily health supplement that delivers high quality, clinically reviewed ingredients to help create everyday excellence. Taken as part of a daily routine, each serving promotes heart, brain, muscle, eye, and bone health.

“At Evertrain, we strive to provide only the highest quality ingredients for our consumers. We are thrilled to offer the scientifically proven dosages of CarnoSyn® beta-alanine in every single bottle of Evertrain Pre and Post,” said Garret Rutherford, Evertrain Co-Founder and CMO.

About CarnoSyn®
CarnoSyn® is a clinically studied beta-alanine, available exclusively from Natural Alternatives International, Inc. An ingredient with application in the areas of sports nutrition, healthy aging, wellness and mental acuity, CarnoSyn® is preservative-free, allergen-free, vegetarian, contains no artificial flavors or colors and is non-GMO. It is suitable for use in a variety of formulations. CarnoSyn® beta-alanine is an ultra-pure amino acid that carries the CarnoSyn® logo, ensuring the ingredient is backed by our commitment to the highest quality, potency and manufacturing standards. For more information about CarnoSyn®, please visit https://www.carnosyn.com.

About NAI:
NAI, headquartered in Carlsbad, California, is a leading formulator, manufacturer and marketer of nutritional supplements and provides strategic partnering services to its customers. Our comprehensive partnership approach offers a wide range of innovative nutritional products and services to our clients including: scientific research, clinical studies, proprietary ingredients, customer-specific nutritional product formulation, product testing and evaluation, marketing management and support, packaging and delivery system design, regulatory review and international product registration assistance. For more information about NAI, please see our website at http://www.nai-online.com.

About Evertrain:
Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Evertrain is a sports supplement brand that delivers results the right way. This group of working professionals, athletes, and parents enjoy living a healthy and active lifestyle, in and outside of the gym. In addition, Evertrain partnered with top tier creative agency Brand Apart (Chick-fila-A®, Coca-Cola®) and designer Mackey Saturday (Instagram®, Oculus®) to create their bold sports supplement brand.

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SOURCE: Natural Alternatives International, Inc.

Renee Michaelson, CarnoSyn® Marketing Manager, Natural Alternatives International, Inc., at 760-736-7700 or [email protected].
Website: https://www.carnosyn.com and http://www.nai-online.com