New Year, New Olympic Opportunities

New Year, New Olympic Opportunities

Written by: Nicole Stout

I am a world-class judo player. Over the past almost ten years, I have won several international medals, become the reigning US national champion, and I am now an Olympic hopeful for the upcoming 2024 Olympics. In early 2021, I decided to make a couple videos showcasing my daily and weekly routines leading into international tournaments.

Making the ‘How I Prep for Tournaments’ videos was incredibly fun because I got to give my audience an idea of all of the work it takes to prepare for just one tournament. I am hoping that everyone who watches them also realizes I compete in a minimum of ten tournaments a year. The year 2021, was an especially critical year for me as it is the first of the four-year cycle needed to qualify for the Olympics and I had decided to do it at my old, lighter weight class. So, not only did you get to see my average preparation schedule, but you also got to watch me lose the thirty pounds necessary to make that weight class and be at my best.


In my first video, I went into detail as to what my overall weekly plans would look like leading into my first tournament. This included my workout intensity, supplementation, weight expectations, and diet. My plan includes high-intensity workouts, low carbohydrates, and a 76kg weight goal for weeks one and two. For weeks three and four, I tone my workouts down to mid-intensity, 75kg weight goal, and still keep consistent supplementation. Weeks five and six are low-intensity workouts, cutting out creatine from my supplements, and then all that goes into the cutting weight process while traveling to said event.

In my second video, I dive directly into showing myself during weeks three and four. I put a larger emphasis on following me through my home workouts and judo before having you travel with me internationally and showcasing my routine abroad. The majority of this video focuses on weeks five and six where making weight is the greatest priority and you can see just how involved and ‘unglamorous’ the process really is. My ability to cut weight and properly prepare for tournaments genuinely takes weeks, as is outlined in the first part of this series.

As they say, the proof is in the pudding. The year 2021 was home to my best performances to date, with both a national champion title and my very first international gold medal added to my list of accolades. I also had my highest match win rate percentage of any year at 60%. It’s clear that my routine, all of my hard work, and my consistent supplementation of SR CarnoSyn® beta-alanine is a winning combination. Beta-alanine is a supplement that delays the onset of lactic acid, otherwise known as ‘the burn’, in your muscles and allows you to train longer. It has helped me to not only improve my cardio and extend my workouts, but SR CarnoSyn® also aided me in my recovery between workouts. If you want to check if your pre-workout contains CarnoSyn®, visit

The tournaments in which points can be earned for the 2024 Olympics begin in June of 2022. I am signed up for many tournaments all year in order to set a good foundation leading into the qualification period. I am excited for you to follow me on my journey around the world-–and maybe even to the Paris 2024 Olympics!