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Patented Sustained Release SR CarnoSyn® Beta-Alanine, Now Commercially Available

CARLSBAD, Calif., Sept. 6, 2016 — Natural Alternatives International, Inc. (NAI) (NASDAQ: NAII), a global formulator and manufacturer of customized nutritional supplements, today announced the immediate availability of SR CarnoSyn® – a superior form of beta-alanine with a sustained release profile that provides increased daily dosing and improved muscle retention of carnosine. This new delivery system is available in both tablet and powder form and provides daily doses of beta-alanine up to 6.4 grams with limited paresthesia and significantly reduces the loading period needed to enhance performance levels.

Clinical and scientific studies have repeatedly shown that average supplementation of beta-alanine, with a total loading of 179g (6.4g/day over 4 weeks), provided significant performance attributes. However, until now, ingesting this level of beta-alanine would normally cause uncomfortable paresthesia sensations.

“SR CarnoSyn® sustained release beta-alanine is now commercially available and provides formulation flexibility, extending the benefits of beta-alanine to a much broader group of consumers,” said Mark A. LeDoux, NAI’s CEO and Chairman. “This proprietary and patented form of beta-alanine shows tremendous market growth potential in applications for serious athletes, as well as active individuals and the healthy aging market.”

Beta-alanine combines with histidine in the body to form carnosine, which acts as a buffer and helps to delay the onset of muscle fatigue and failure. SR CarnoSyn® beta-alanine stimulates the synthesis of muscle carnosine. The sustained release form stays in the body longer for extended absorption, higher muscle retention, and a significant increase in muscle carnosine levels to extend endurance, speed muscle recovery, build muscle strength, and enhance peak performance capabilities.

“These improvements in muscle and exercise performance are attributed to the increases in muscle carnosine concentration and corresponding increases in muscle buffering capacity,” said Roger Harris,Ph.D., beta-alanine research pioneer and patent inventor. Dr. Harris went on to state that, “Recent studies, and the kinetic modeling of the changes in muscle carnosine have reinforced the fact that a higher daily dose, and longer supplementation period with beta-alanine, further amplifies the performance improvements which can be achieved in the execution of sustained, intermittent, high-intensity exercise that is anaerobically challenging.”

Natural Alternatives International, Inc. is also proud to announce their new manufacturing partnership with INNOBIO LIMITED, located in Dalian, China, using their patented and proprietary process to manufacture NAI’s SR CarnoSyn® powder. INNOBIO’s President, Wenzhong Wu, Ph.D. commented, “We are very pleased to have worked closely with Natural Alternatives International to create this unique and clearly superior product. INNOBIO specializes in controlled release and sustained release technologies that enable wonderful product ideas like SR CarnoSyn® to come to life.”

About Natural Alternatives International, Inc.

Natural Alternatives International, Inc. (NAI) is a leading formulator and manufacturer of customized nutritional supplements. The Company’s comprehensive partnership approach to client servicing is unique within the industry, combining clinical research, science-based formulation, advanced quality assurance testing methodologies, superior manufacturing and packaging capabilities, and broad marketing experience to create nutritional products that are formulated to address specific health conditions.

Founded in 1980, NAI prides itself on a strong commitment to health, scientific integrity and quality. It provides comprehensive solutions that include custom formulations based on scientific research, the highest manufacturing standards, supervision of international regulatory compliance, and marketing support. It has established partnerships and works to develop tailored solutions for its clients’ nutritional product needs. With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Vista, California and Lugano, Switzerland, and a sales presence inYokohama, Japan, NAI is able to fulfill the needs of its customers around the world.


INNOBIO® was initially established in 2003 as a contract laboratory and has since grown to become a leading manufacturer of functional nutritional ingredients, supported by an independent R&D group and a modern large-scale production facility, with worldwide distribution of products.

“Based in Nature, Full of Health” is INNOBIO’s company motto. This statement signifies their commitment to provide the essence of nature’s best ingredients with all of the original health benefits intact and unchanged. INNOBIO product categories include specialty fatty acids, carotenoids and branched-chain amino acids.

Our scientific expertise allows us to provide these products in a variety of forms for worldwide nutrition, food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical markets. INNOBIO’s scientists are specialists in providing formulations to meet the needs of a complex global market and insuring that quality is built into all INNOBIO products.

Our company is proud to manufacture all products under strict quality guidelines and we maintain quality certifications for cGMP, ISO9001, and HACCP.

This press release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of applicable securities laws that are not historical facts and information. These statements represent our intentions, expectations and beliefs concerning future events, including, among other things, our expectations and beliefs with respect to our interpretation of certain clinical studies, benefits of SR CarnoSyn®, the continued validity of our patents, and our ability to successfully develop, license and enforce our intellectual property rights. We wish to caution readers that these statements involve risks and uncertainties, that could cause actual results and outcomes for future periods to differ materially from any forward-looking statement or views expressed herein. The forward-looking statements contained herein are further qualified by other risks including those set forth from time to time in the documents filed by us with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including our most recent Annual Report on Form 10-K and Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q.

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