Taking Esports to the Next Level with Beta-Alanine

Taking Esports to the Next Level with Beta-Alanine

Esports has been trending for years, but COVID-19 lockdowns initiated an explosive expansion of both the gamer base and existing gamer hours. According to Verizon Communications, Spring 2020 saw a surge of nearly 90% in peak gaming hours over the prior year.[1] From the occasional gamer to the enthusiast, the Esports community reflects a global revenue of over $1 billion. By 2023, Esports enthusiasts are expected to reach 295 million worldwide.[2]

Now more than ever, gamers are looking for nutritional supplementation like beta-alanine to take their Esports game to the next level.

Gamers Seek Nuanced Gains 

Esports offers a wide variety of engaging resources to support physical, mental, even spiritual well-being. Within the Esports communities, we find diverse populations ranging from amateur to professional. Some may seek to incorporate Esports into their daily practice for meditation, motivational support, or a personalized fitness program. A rising trend among gamers is to look to nutritional supplementation to achieve peak performance. Gamers seek nuanced gains like vision support and faster reaction time. Listed below are some of the most popular results gamers require.

Results that Deliver Peak Performance: 

  • Improved mental focus
  • Enhanced cognitive function
  • Faster reaction time 
  • Natural energy 
  • Vision support
  • Joint health

Proven Results With CarnoSyn® Beta-Alanine

When seeking proven results, gamers should turn to beta-alanine, a non-essential amino acid naturally produced in the body and found in foods such as meat and fish. It combines with histidine to form the dipeptide called carnosine. However, the body’s natural production and most diets do not have enough beta-alanine needed to enhance performance. Over 55 clinical studies support the performance benefits of CarnoSyn® beta-alanine when taken at the proper dosages.

For tactical athletes like those serving in the military, Esports is nothing new. Logging hours in a simulator is standard protocol before field training. In a 30-day double-blind study involving elite Israeli soldiers, SR CarnoSyn® beta-alanine supplementation improved endurance and cognitive function during simulated combat training. Following doses of beta-alanine, researchers tracked improvement in mental focus and enhanced cognitive function. These results had positive impacts on response time, agility, and accuracy. This study is particularly significant for Esports users due to the parallels between simulated military operations and gaming.

But beta-alanine isn’t just for those trying to defeat the enemy in military combat, simulated or otherwise. Many seek better balance and harmony to recharge their bodies and minds.  

Trusted,  Safe, and Effective Supplementation

CarnoSyn® beta-alanine has been the go-to performance booster for athletes and fitness enthusiasts for years. Now more than ever, gamers are seeking trusted, safe and effective supplementation. Whether on the field or in a simulated environment, beta-alanine helps athletes and gamers alike achieve great gains like enhanced cognitive function and faster reaction time. The only patented, tested, and proven beta-alanine on the market, CarnoSyn® is the trusted ingredient with both NDI and self-affirmed GRAS status. Whether the preferred supplement method is powder or tablets, chewables, or stick packs, CarnoSyn® beta-alanine delivers peak performance results to take your Esports game to the next level. 


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CarnoSyn® beta-alanine is available in two different forms—instant release and sustained release—offering two ways to dose. SR CarnoSyn® offers the same benefits as instant release CarnoSyn®, but in an advanced delivery system that allows for increased dosing for better results. When used in tandem, the combination of instant release and sustained release gives athletes the ability to stack their dosing for higher quantities of beta-alanine and even more performance gains.

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