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Team CarnoSyn® 2018 NFL Draft Highlights – A CarnoSyn® Sponsored Athlete Update

CARLSBAD, Calif., May 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — CarnoSyn®, a division of Natural Alternatives International, Inc. (“NAI”) (Nasdaq: NAII), and one of the world’s leading sports performance ingredients, is proud to announce the following Team CarnoSyn® 2018 NFL Draft updates:

Ian Thomas, TE (Indiana) – Drafted by the Carolina Panthers Thomas was drafted by the Carolina Panthers as the first pick in the 4th round, #101 overall. Thomas previously shared his thoughts on how his supplementation with CarnoSyn® prepped him for the NFL Combine, stating: “CarnoSyn helped me a lot with the competitive edge, especially in the weight room, because I can go longer. I’ve seen myself grow in reps against my teammates and standing strong throughout the workout as I was at the beginning of the
workout—and not getting fatigued. CarnoSyn helped me a lot to give me that push and be the best that I can be and get drafted as high as I can go.”

Marquis Haynes, DE (Mississippi) – Drafted by the Carolina Panthers Haynes was drafted by the Carolina Panthers in the 4th round, #136 overall. Haynes supplemented with CarnoSyn® throughout his Combine training and described the results as “something magical.” Haynes went on to say, “CarnoSyn is the real deal. I’ve seen a huge increase in speed.”

Tegray Scales, LB (Indiana) – Signed with the LA Rams Scales signed as a priority free agent with the Los Angeles Rams within a few minutes after the 2018 NFL Draft ended. The former Hoosiers LB will have a chance to fight for his spot with one of the most intriguing teams in the league. Scales described the results he achieved with CarnoSyn® during his Combine training program, “Before taking CarnoSyn, I’d workout and be sore for the next 3-4 days. I started taking CarnoSyn and the recovery cycle started to speed up. I play linebacker. One second is the difference. Working out with CarnoSyn and being able to increase my reps allows me to be more explosive so I can make those plays.”

Luis Perez, QB (Texas A&M Commerce) – Signed with the LA Rams Perez signed a mini-camp contract with the Los Angeles Rams. Despite not playing high school football, Perez now has an opportunity to showcase his QB skillset with the Rams. One of the training methods he used was supplementing with CarnoSyn®. “I want to be the best at everything I do,” said Perez, “so getting a competitive edge is huge, especially at a high level. I’ve taken many different supplements and CarnoSyn, to me, is by far Number 1. Endurance is really important to me and CarnoSyn has given me that where other supplements haven’t.”

Connor Davis, TE (Stony Brook) – NFL Prospect Davis is currently a NFL prospect in mini-camp discussions with various teams. His story is that of a true underdog and team player. During his four years at Stony Brook, Davis showcased his versatility and played four different positions to support his team, DE, TE, OT, and DL, spending his full senior year as a TE. Davis is a balanced player, maintaining his athleticism with his size (6’8”, 259 lbs.) – positioning himself as a potential weapon in the pass game. Davis maximizes
his training time with CarnoSyn® supplementation, stating, “Finding something like CarnoSyn is huge. It allows me to maximize my time in training and maximize my peak performance day in and day out. I’m able to keep going an hour to two hours into it. I’m no longer cramping, and
have continued energy and endurance.”

In February, CarnoSyn® partnered with TEST Football Academy and Inner Armour® Sports Nutrition to prepare the next generation of players for the NFL Combine, with scientifically proven daily dosing of CarnoSyn® and SR CarnoSyn® beta-alanine. Over the course of the Combine training season, the entire class of 37 athletes at TEST Football Academy supplemented with an average of 8.2g per day of CarnoSyn® and SR CarnoSyn® combined, in both powder and tablet form, via the Inner Armour® Sports Nutrition product line.

It was a successful draft season for TEST Football Academy, as another strong class emerged from the group’s facility to be drafted or signed by NFL teams. “This year’s group of athletes personified hard work in pursuit of their lifelong dream to play in the National Football League. Whatever they were asked to do, they did without complaining or grumbling,” said Kevin Dunn, Founder and CEO of TEST Football Academy. “Our trainers and coaches came in with a proven formula to really push this group and they succeeded. We are proud of the five players who were drafted and the fourteen other athletes who signed as undrafted rookie free agents or were invited to a rookie camp.”

Under the strict nutrition, supplementation and training program, Team CarnoSyn® achieved amazing transformations:

Ian Thomas, TE
Fat Loss – 6 Pounds
Muscle Gain – 2 Pounds

Marquis Haynes, DE
Muscle Gain – 10 Pounds

Tegray Scales, LB
Fat Loss – 4 Pounds
Muscle Gain – 7 Pounds

Luis Perez, QB
Fat Loss – 13 Pounds
Muscle Gain – 6 Pounds

Connor Davis, TE
Fat Loss – 16 Pounds
Muscle Gain – 10 Pounds

“NAI is pleased to see the results of the hard work and dedication put forth by Team CarnoSyn® and TEST Football Academy,” said Kenneth Wolf, NAI’s President. “We witnessed firsthand the gains the athletes achieved in their preparation for the NFL Combine. The CarnoSyn® and Inner Armour® supplementation program, backed by the foundation of the TEST Football training regimen has proven to be the athlete’s secret weapon in competing at the professional level.”

Learn more about Team CarnoSyn®, watch the video and read testimonials on how the power of CarnoSyn® unleashed their athletic talents here:

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