CarnoSyn® beta-alanine is proven to extend endurance, speed recovery time, enhance mental focus and build better muscle, faster. CarnoSyn® helps athletes of all stripes get an edge on the competition.


From NFL players to Olympians and legendary trainers,
Team CarnoSyn® is made up of athletes who will stop at nothing to achieve
their dreams — and who live by the mantra “Today I Will.”

Why Carnosyn?

CarnoSyn® is for the athlete who wants more – more reps, more PRs, more speed, more energy, more mental focus — and more muscle. CarnoSyn® is for the athlete who says, “I Will” instead of “I hope.” CarnoSyn® is for the athlete who wants the edge.

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beta-alanine for endurance runners


The most respected names in sports nutrition trust CarnoSyn® and ONLY CarnoSyn®. Visit these CarnoSyn®-verified brand partners to ensure you get a product that has the proper dose of CarnoSyn® beta-alanine.

CarnoSyn® beta-alanine is available in two different forms—instant release and sustained release—offering two ways to dose. When used in tandem, the combination gives athletes the ability to stack their dosing for even more performance gains.