The Best Time to Take Beta-Alanine

The Best Time to Take Beta-Alanine

Athletes know that beta-alanine is the go-to fuel to maximize their workouts. Greater focus, better performance, sustained endurance, and better gains are just a few of the benefits of beta-alanine. The question is–what can athletes do to fully harness beta-alanine? The answer–it’s all about the right dose at the right time. To get maximum benefits, athletes should know the best time to take beta-alanine.

When is the Best Time to Take Beta-Alanine?

Consistency is key when it comes to the best time to take beta-alanine. Whether it’s cardio or leg day, or even time for recovery, beta-alanine should be taken at the same time every single day. There are a couple of reasons for this. The first has to do with how beta-alanine supplementation works. Beta-alanine combines with the amino acid histidine to form another amino acid called carnosine. Over time, carnosine buffers the pH decline that causes the onset of muscle fatigue and failure, while building endurance and improving recovery. This pH buffering helps delay and can even prevent muscular fatigue. That’s why it is important to take beta-alanine consistently. This ensures that the optimal levels of carnosine remain in the body. Bottom line: if you skip the gym, do not skip your beta-alanine.

Beta-alanine should be taken every day and at a minimum of 3.2g a day. The best time to take beta-alanine is normally 15 to 20 minutes before a workout. This helps athletes take advantage of the short-term effects beta-alanine has on the nervous system like increased mental focus. It also helps to give muscles a jumpstart on recovery. Some athletes choose to spread their intake out, dosing at regular intervals throughout the day. Other athletes select sustained release formulations of beta-alanine to maintain optimal levels throughout the day. This also helps to avoid the tingling sensation called paresthesia. Since beta-alanine is a stimulant and could keep you awake, it is not recommended before bed.

What is the Best Dose for Beta-Alanine?

As with any supplementation regimen, proper dosing is critical for optimizing physical performance. The best dose for beta-alanine is a minimum of 3.2 grams a day. Years of scientific studies show that taking at least 90 grams of beta-alanine over a 28-day period increases the working capacity of muscles to help you build more muscle, faster. That means taking a minimum of 3.2 grams per day to provide the body with the fuel needed to maintain optimal carnosine levels.

The recommended maximum daily dose of beta-alanine is 6.4 grams. Many athletes choose to support their intense workout routines by dosing at the highest levels. Most do what’s called stacking–supplementing with various formulations throughout the day. Studies prove that increasing beta-alanine intake to 179 grams over 28 days (an average of 6.4 grams per day) can significantly amplify muscle performance. This demonstrates that maximum dosing results in exponentially greater gains.

Three Ways to Get the Daily Dose of 3.2-6.4 Grams of Beta-Alanine

  1. Part of a pre-workout or post-workout
  2. A stand-alone product in a single dose or multiple doses
  3. A combination of pre/post formulations and stand-alone products

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Beta-alanine has a loading period of 28 days. This is the amount of time required to experience all the benefits of beta-alanine supplementation.  After the loading period, beta-alanine should be taken every day to maintain the appropriate levels of carnosine in the body.

Not All Beta-Alanine is Created Equal.

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Where Do I Find the Best Beta-Alanine?

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