Top 5 Sports Nutrition Trends For 2021

Top 5 Sports Nutrition Trends For 2021

New trends in sports nutrition emerge every year, but 2021 is different. We’ve heard the term “unprecedented times” on repeat, and it’s true. No matter what our individual experience has been, this year has left none of us unchanged. Restrictions continue to influence routines, shift priorities, and alter plans. Some of our recent choices have been driven by necessity, while other decisions are a bit more nuanced than that. The top 5 sports nutrition trends for 2021 directly reflect the path that lies before and behind us. Within these trends, a theme emerges that’s characterized by hope and promise. The entire planet is united in one common goal: better health. 

TREND #1: Mindfulness and a whole-body approach.

Athletes have used mental visualization to improve athletic performance for centuries. Modern techniques extend far beyond harnessing mental focus. Mindfulness and a whole body approach includes the use of the imagination, breathing exercises, calming strategies, and the power of meditation. More and more athletes are using such tools to support and enhance their workouts. 

Athlete tip: Elevate your training by practicing mindfulness before hitting the gym or while cooling off after a workout. 

TREND #2: Personalized formulations. 

Studies in individualized nutrition have shown that “one size fits all” is not the most effective approach. Personalized formulations provide the opportunity for targeted nutrition, designed to fit unique health needs and nutrition goals. In sports nutrition, athletes look for tailored dosage and customized ingredients like plant-based pre-workout and post-workout mixes.  

Athlete tip: Get the most from your sports nutrition by designing a regimen and dosage that targets your specific goals. 

TREND #3: Digital communities. 

Social distancing, physical distancing…no matter what we call it, group training has been impossible at worst or challenging at best. Throughout the pandemic, we’ve come to rely on technology for connection. While gyms and athletic centers have begun to reopen, home-based workouts continue to serve a place in our daily routines. The hottest trend to look for in 2021 is guidance, motivation, support, and connection through digital communities.

Athlete tip: Tap into the support and connection that’s become increasingly accessible through apps and other digital platforms. 

TREND #4: Immune support.

Immune support products are not new, but there’s nothing quite like a global pandemic to bring the immune system to the top of our minds. A reported 69% of adults took vitamins, minerals, and supplements to strengthen their immunity in 2020. Safeguarding health and wellness remains a priority in 2021. One such supplement that promotes wellness is SR CarnoSyn®, which is clinically proven to support optimal functioning in multiple body systems, including the heart, brain, and muscles. 

Athlete tip: Get the perfect stack by using a combination of instant release and sustained release beta-alanine for even more performance gains.

TREND #5: Science-based solutions.

Now more than ever, it can be challenging to know which products to trust. Consumers are searching for products with a history of transparency and efficacy. They’re choosing brands backed by science with proven, evidence-based results. The patented use of CarnoSyn® has led to significant advancements in muscle performance technology. Over 55 clinical studies support the athletic performance benefits of CarnoSyn® beta-alanine. CarnoSyn®  doesn’t just claim to build muscle faster, extend endurance, enhance mental focus, and speed recovery time–it proves it. 

Athlete tip: Don’t settle for brands that sidestep regulatory and compliance standards. Choose products that are proven to be pure, potent, safe, and effective.

CarnoSyn® provides brand partners with a true product differentiator: a science-backed ingredient that delivers real results. Learn more about the benefits of adding proven performance benefits to your product. 



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