Ways to Get the Most from Your At-Home Workouts

Ways to Get the Most from Your At-Home Workouts

Most gyms have reopened to full capacity, yet many people remain committed to working out at home. Some simply enjoy the home gym they’ve created and want to continue to utilize their new equipment. Others have chosen a hybrid approach, incorporating a few home workouts and a few trips to the gym into their weekly routine. Overall, many people find it very convenient to fit a workout into their schedule when they exercise at home. Whether it’s full-time or once a week, here’s how you can get the most from your at-home workouts.

Build on the 5 Workout Basics

To get the most from your home workouts, it’s important to include the 5 workout basics. Exercises from each of these categories should be incorporated into your regimen. Be sure to include a warmup, aerobics, strength training, stretching, and a cooldown. Choose from among these core categories with your specific needs and fitness goals in mind. When it comes to creating the ideal workout, the very first step is to identify your goals. Do you want to lose weight, build muscle, or maintain a healthy lifestyle? Next, ensure that you have ample space and ventilation. Finally, secure the necessary equipment and build a solid routine that builds on the 5 workout basics.

  1. Warmup. No matter the fitness goal, every successful athlete starts by being well-prepared. A good warmup will gradually elevate your heart rate, oxygenate your blood cells with deep breathing, raise the body’s core temperature, and get the blood flowing. This not only helps to sustain energy but also prevents injury. A warmup can be as simple as a short walk or step in place.
  2. Aerobics. Aerobics refers to cardiovascular conditioning and includes low-impact exercises like swimming, cycling, and rowing, as well as high-impact exercises like running or jumping rope. 30 minutes of cardio a day is an excellent way to stay in shape, and maintain optimal heart health and overall wellness.
  3. Strength. Strength exercises, also known as weight training or resistance training, have numerous health benefits. Aside from making you stronger, it can burn calories, help maintain optimal weight and blood sugar levels, boost mood, and improve brain health. Strength training often targets specific muscle groups and includes body resistance exercises like pushups, or external resistance from bands, dumbbells, or machines.
  4. Flexibility. When building an at-home exercise routine, it’s incredibly important to focus on flexibility. Stretching with some form of yoga, pilates, or tai chi will reduce soreness and improve strength.
  5. Cooldown. Like the warmup, a good cooldown is essential. Building it in for 3-10 minutes at the end of your workout will help normalize your heart rate, slow breathing, prevent injury, and promote relaxation. Without a proper cooldown, you may experience dizziness and increased soreness from lactic acid build-up.

Utilize On-Demand Resources

Over the past couple of years, online programs or apps surged in popularity to meet the needs of those exercising at home. In a survey of over 1,000 Americans, 26% responded that they subscribe to an at-home program or workout app, with over 41% still actively using them. Strength training, HIIT, and yoga programs are the most popular. With the availability of these resources, 74% said that they attempted workouts that they’ve never tried before. From high-tech, expensive equipment like smart mirrors to free fitness trackers, these on-demand resources have been in high demand. Many people rely on this support for coaching, accountability, and motivation.

Integrate Supplements for Maximum Support and Recovery

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