Why Top Sports Nutrition Brands Prefer CarnoSyn®

Why Top Sports Nutrition Brands Prefer CarnoSyn®

At CarnoSyn®, we believe partnerships are a secret key to a brand’s success. That’s why we’re dedicated to differentiating our partners from their competition — by providing an ingredient of unparalleled quality that’s backed by scientific research, trusted by consumers, and perfectly aligned with a brand’s values.

“CarnoSyn beta-alanine is a well-known sports ingredient that many consumers have grown to expect over the years,” says Rachel Baker, GNC®’s Manager of Nutrition Content & Services. “That, coupled with the scientific portfolio makes it a no-brainer for some of our key sports performance innovations here at GNC.”

Continue reading to hear from four CarnoSyn® verified brand partners — GNC®, Nutrabolt®, NOW® Sports, and Kaged® — all of which choose to formulate with the purest, patented, and highly tested beta-alanine available.

Highly Regarded for Its Exceptional Quality

When used appropriately by manufacturers, beta-alanine is safe for consumption. However, generic beta-alanine lacks consistency in quality, potency, and purity, and may result in a tainted — and potentially unsafe — end product. CarnoSyn® is the only brand of beta-alanine that is globally patented, guaranteed to be banned-substance free, and backed by proven scientific results.

CarnoSyn Bryan Morin Portrait

“We choose to formulate with CarnoSyn beta-alanine because it’s the safest, highest quality, most effective product on the market,” says Bryan Morin, Sports Brand Manager for NOW® Sports. But dedication to quality is just one factor that sets CarnoSyn® apart from generic imitators.


CarnoSyn® — Backed by Extensive Scientific Research

Having undergone rigorous testing and ingredient quality assurance, CarnoSyn® is clinically proven to increase muscle carnosine and muscle buffering capacity, decrease acidosis, delay fatigue, and improve endurance, mental focus, and recovery from intense exercise. “CarnoSyn has the scientific backing that is unmatched — with numerous clinical studies on human applicants — to support their claims,” says Morin.

Over 55 clinical studies support the athletic performance benefits of CarnoSyn® beta-alanine, credible research that reinforces a brand’s value in the eyes of consumers — and results in customer loyalty and retention.

CarnoSyn Greg Tetzlaff Portrait

“We as a brand love that CarnoSyn’s got the scientific backing, that it has the enormous repository of clinical studies on human applicants,” says Greg Tetzlaff, Head of Product Content & Industry Influencers at Nutrabolt®.


CarnoSyn Kris Gethin Portrait

“I believe scientifically-backed ingredients are very important to brands and consumers,” says Kris Gethin, CEO of Kaged®, “because that proves the efficacy, the safety, the purity of that product — especially in an industry where we see a lot of brands and companies doing what’s called ‘borrowed science,’ where they claim the science of that scientifically backed ingredient even though they have a generic ingredient in their product.”


CarnoSyn beta-alanine Rachel Baker Head Shot

Baker of GNC® agrees. “Scientifically backed ingredients help to support the great customer experience we strive for and the efficacy that both we as the formulators and our consumers expect from our products,” she says. “The depth and breadth of the research completed on CarnoSyn’s beta-alanine is a sure stand-out related to their scientific portfolio… Studies have been completed on outcomes ranging from muscle function and body composition to exercise capacity and markers of endurance, making it a truly versatile ingredient to meet consumer needs. The amount of evidence makes it easier for our formulators to understand the ingredient from a mechanism of action and physiological perspective, allowing us to utilize CarnoSyn beta-alanine in our products and speak to it on packaging and in marketing.”


Well-Loved (and Trusted) by Consumers

Customer perception, satisfaction, and loyalty are of high priority for leading sports nutrition brands, so it’s imperative that their products — and the ingredients therein — enhance the customer experience.

“Our consumers love the experience of beta-alanine… be it the endurance effects, the fighting fatigue, [or] the paresthesia,” says Tetzlaff of Nutrabolt®. “It’s go-time when you feel your CarnoSyn kicking on.”

Its exceptional brand reputation is supported by rave reviews from CarnoSyn® partners and end consumers, including high-profile athletes and credible nutrition experts. “Working with sports dietitians, brand ambassadors, influencers, and athletes, we have constantly found that they all know and trust CarnoSyn beta-alanine,” says Morin of NOW® Sports.

Contribution to Brand Value, Alignment with Partners’ Objectives

“Overall, the values that CarnoSyn brings to our brand are authenticity and quality,” says Gethin. “We strive at Kaged Muscle to provide something that bridges the gap between health and performance and something that is backed by studies, and this is a definite benefit that we gain by having CarnoSyn within a lot of our products.”

Leading brands don’t have to settle for cheap, generic beta-alanine when formulating, marketing, and distributing their sports nutrition products. CarnoSyn® offers its partners the assurance that they’re getting a superior, scientifically-backed ingredient — one that aligns with a brand’s own values and standards for excellence.

“CarnoSyn’s extensive scientific portfolio allows versatility in use and messaging, allowing our customers to truly appreciate the value of its inclusion,” says Baker. “It is a key ingredient in a number of top-selling GNC performance products, which is evidence of the value it adds to the products themselves as well as our brand.”

CarnoSyn® — “Top of the Game” in Sports Nutrition

CarnoSyn® beta-alanine — available in both instant release and sustained release — can be found in dozens of verified partners’ products, ranging from powder supplements and chewable gummies to liquid supplements and beverages. (All brands listed provide an efficacious dose of a minimum of 3.2 to 6.4 grams per day.)

In whatever format it is used, CarnoSyn® is the market’s most premium, scientifically researched, and brand-aligned beta-alanine on the market. It is unmatched in quality and credibility and trusted by leading brands and customers worldwide. “Working with CarnoSyn has helped legitimize us as a top sports nutrition brand,” says Morin of NOW® Sports. “CarnoSyn is really top of the game when it comes to sports nutrition.”

For more information about partnerships, beta-alanine formulation, and CarnoSyn® products, visit our Partners page.



CarnoSyn® beta-alanine is available in two different forms—instant release and sustained release—offering two ways to dose. SR CarnoSyn® offers the same benefits as instant release CarnoSyn®, but in an advanced delivery system that allows for increased dosing for better results. When used in tandem, the combination of instant release and sustained release gives athletes the ability to stack their dosing for higher quantities of beta-alanine and even more performance gains.

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